Apr 30, 2010

decoys and rambling

andrew made this for me a while back...

flip the cover over and then you'll get this...

little things like this make me go all smiles.

my thoughts:
when it comes to dance, improvisation scares the crap out of me.
while waiting for my turn to improv across the room, my nerves get all worked up.
but i'm learning to be in the moment,
like seriously be and live in the moment and just let the music move you.
learning to let go of all the self-consciousness is never easy,
but with God on my side anything is possible.
i'm learning that you can't be afraid. you really can't.
be liberated by the power of music to richly settle into every part of your body.
be daring, take risks, don't be afraid of movement, just move.
this not only applies to dance but to everything in life.
sometimes you just have to take risks, even if you end up looking like a total idiot.
love your idiot moments. thank you God for idiot moments.

oh and, the giveaway is still in action.


heatherjean said...

that dance was beautiful! oh my goodness. i loved it. for me improv is just a time for me to let my emotions burst through. it doesnt have to be pretty all of the time. modern isn't always "pretty." but if you let your raw emotions come through then it is always beautiful.

tywo said...

Awww,....So beautiful.


annemarie. said...

i used to dance...with heather at that. :). and i absolutely despised improv. but then as soon as i began to stop caring about what other people thought it got so much easier.

Meg said...

those are some beautiful, inspiring thoughts. thanks for sharing :) makes me really miss dancing!!

Shelley Ann said...

that is such a cute little card thing!

Chelsea Robbins said...

that's awesome.

Michelle said...

"...don't be afraid of movement. Just move." Love that! Especially in the context of everyday life. I've just figured that out for myself and I'm quite a bit older than you, I'm sure. Good for you for figuring that out at your age. God bless!