Apr 28, 2010

my very first giveaway

*drumroll please*
into the sea watercolor ring}

this ring was hand painted onto a white circular ceramic using watercolors. it is simple, big and fun. the colors are groovy and the leafy blues and purples are living harmoniously. inspired by my dream where i could breathe underwater and the ocean's friendliest sharks and whales welcomed me into their village for a fruit salad feast.

how do you win?

1. be a follower.
2. leave a comment with your favorite food.
(why? because i love food.)

to up your chances of winning...
3. blog, tweet, or facebook about this giveaway and leave separate links here.

giveaway will end a week from today, may 5, 2010.
please make sure to check back that morning to see if you won.

p.s. two new items are up in the shop.
cha-cha-check it out!


Lora said...

i'm already following your very inspirational blog!!
great giveaway!
favorite food - hmmm.. that's hard! right now, i am really digging tomato and mozzarella with pesto and olive oil on french bread. yummy!!

Allison said...

I am a follower, and this giveaway is so sweet! That dream sounds hilarious.
My favorite food (well, today anyway) is zucchini. Yum!

Stephanie Rose said...

the pink flower ring is BEEEEE-U-T-FUL!!!!!!

my fav snack food is angel hair pasta with butter, parm cheese and sprinkled with mozz cheese. wonderful, especially after midnight - just don't give it to Gizmo. :)

liz said...

i love your blog. one of my favs.

favorite food: tacos. nothing as cool as the other fancy foods added. I just love me some tacos. Made them for dinner last night.. had them for breakfast & lunch today. clearly my weakness. :)

Stephanie said...

whoot whoot. iiiii just wanted to say "Yay! Richelle's very first giveaway!"

Anna Joy said...

I'm following you already!
I love every type of food...but right now, I really want grilled chicken with bun noodles.

joanna said...

Hi RJ! Haha. I like all kinds of food, it's hard to choose. Right now I'm craving spicy popcorn chicken :D HEHE.

Jessica said...

Hmmm, so many choices of food to pick. My absolute favorite is rice and garlic shrimp. I just had some an hour ago. I guess that is why it's on my mind. :D


Sarah said...

if i were stranded on a dessert island, i could and would happily sustain myself on LIFE cereal. MMmm.

i love your blog, sense of adventure, and i admire your passion for Christ <3 Sarah

Cara said...

Definitely been a follower for a while now. ♥

My favorite food at the moment is Japanese fried rice with scrambled eggs and shrimp. MMM.


heatherjean said...

i am a follower... but you alreay knew that :o)

favorite food.... hmmm, there are to many to choose. i like anything with curry in it. sushi is good too. but curry is definately a favortie of mine.

p.s. i love your rings! they inspire me to create beautiful, simple little things.

tif said...

I'm a new follower!
I really like your blog- I've only perused it and can just see your love for Jesus and am blessed by the gifts He's given you to share!
my favorite food...hmmm..right now I've been kind of living off paninis..mmmm...especially fresh mozzarella, tomato, pesto, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar on french bread...mmmm!

cerealjoe said...

I'm a follower/subscriber/whatever you call it through rss!

And my favourite food is my mum's boeuf bourguignon!

annemarie. said...

i'm a follower! and oh goodness my favorite food right now is probably anything sweet potato! :).

Michelle said...

What a lovely ring! And such lovely things in your shop!! I really enjoy reading your blog and am hoping to win your giveaway!

Jen said...


I love your rings!!!

ilene joyce said...

already following your blog, richelle! it's one of my favorite daily-reads. :)

fave food has got to be almost any kind of pasta with lots of cheese!!!

Nikkers said...

That ring is beautiful! I've read your blog for a while (I found it through cakies) but I just made it official a second ago! :)

My favorite food is guacamole! My roommate and I make it at least once a week and devour it in less than an hour. I also love potato soup.

Meg said...

that ring is so, so pretty rachelle! am a follower of your lovely and inspiring blog :)

and it is nearly impossible to choose my favorite food. i love food too, way too much. i think i'll go with cheeeese. i especially love caprese salad.

thanks for hosting this giveaway!

sue.shi said...


love, love, love your blog :)

Favorite food? Ugh, it's hard to choose! I mean, I love food as well...but if you're gonna make me choose one thing, I will say Thai chicken curry with white rice.

Nummy goodness!!


Kelsey said...

YAY, an RJ ring giveaway! :)

aaand, my fellow thin person who loves food...a girl after my own heart for sure...but hunny, it is WAY too hard for me to pick just one. But these are the first things to come to mind.
I adore waffle fries and ice cream. And cheese. And this mustardy pecan chicken dish I make, with white rice.
So there ya go. Does having too many fav foods disqualify me?? :)

btw, I intend to mail you your thing that I made just for you, probably Saturday. I've been so super busy working this week and haven't gotten home early enough to run to the post office.

love to ya, Cali sister!
Kelsey :o)

Wei said...

hi richelle,
the ring is so beautiful. the purple color is so soft. i follow yours and your sister's blog daily. your blog always make me smile. my favorite food would be icecream cake!

Alexis said...

Does following your blog on Google Reader count? If not...my favorite food then!

Sushi!! I can't eat raw food alas, for health reasons, but I do love it when restaurants have interesting cooked sushi. By cooked, I mean fillings like eel, smoked/fried salmon, tempura, tamago, etc. One of my current faves is from a chain called Teriyaki Boy; they have one with salmon and cream cheese inside, and rolled in bonito flakes. It's served with a mayo-teriyaki sauce.

OH NO! Now I'm hungry! :D

Irene Carole said...

i'd follow you to the moon and back. hehe, but i do follow you, alllll zee time, coz i love you, and i miss you sister!

Della said...

I'm a follower!

My favorite food is chicken nuggets...heck, I love anything chicken!

The ring is beautiful!

Chelsea Robbins said...

what a pretty ring!

I am now a follower of your gorgeous blog!
have a great weekend!

rachel said...

my favorite food is mexican ceviche !! :)

Mostly Graysie said...

I am a follower, and my fav food, is .....hmmmmmm I would have to say that it's Gnocci pasta with gorgonzola cheese sauce. BUT I also will love any junk food, and any fresh pastry you send my way ;)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Nice ring. So I've followed your blog for a while on google reader, but I just clicked the side thing to follow now! I always forget to click those things, haha.
Hmm, my favourite food.... could you pick a harder question? Hahaha. There are so many things. Nachos & tacos, guacamole, this really good tarragon & dill dip with crackers & vegetables, anything with honey mustard, pasta with rose sauce, green olives, mmm hahaha there are so many things!

helloprettybird said...

Following :]

I love cake.

lesley kay said...

i've been following for a while now :)

and i'd have to say my favorite food right now is anything we can grill!

Lydia{justine} said...

hmmm favorite food....All types of fruit.. And I love burgers.

Anna said...

I follow your blog in reader but I am an official follower now! pretty ring.
fav food-- oreos. double stuff.

The Curtis Family said...

I have been a follower (and I have a link to your blog from my own) and I think you are just a WONDERFUL young woman that inspires!!

I love Hot and Spicy Cheeze Its!!! Random goodness!!


itsmelissy_ said...

I already followed your blog :) Fave food- ice cream & frozen yogurt. YUM!

Desiree said...

Love your blog and your rings are beautiful! hmmm..favorite food? I love any type of dessert but I would have to say creme brulee is my favorite!