Mar 21, 2011

monday with (sweet) symphanie

1. hi Steph! you're one of my good-est friends, but tell the rest of us about yourself. what are some of your hobbies?
Hi friend! So I was born and raised in Southern California and I am currently a Communication major in college. I love trying new types of food, shopping, taking pictures, crafting, traveling, watching the most chick tv shows ever (One Tree Hill, 90210, and Glee), and some not so chick ones (Intervention, Hoarders, Beyond Scared Straight). I have a heart for helping the homeless, the elderly, and kids. I’m hoping to work in the production/casting aspects of the entertainment industry for now, but I would also love to be a teacher someday as well as travel to many, many, places! And you know… I’d like to be on The Amazing Race.

2. you seem to blog a lot about yummy food, which I love. what are your top 5 favorite food dishes?
This is a toughie, I love everything (except for the answer mentioned in question 3, ha)! Well anyone who reads my blog knows for a fact I am a sushi fanatic. So sushi itself would be on my top 5, if not #1. I also have a new found love for anything breakfast, especially omelets (after eating Rialto with you!), waffles, bacon, and hash browns. The other three would be a tuna casserole with extra crispiness on top, a good burger with avocado, and korean bibimbap.

3. are there any foods you absolutely dread?
I dread American sausage. Absolutely dread it. Sausage links, sausage patties… all of it! Haha there’s quite a bit of animosity to this answer, but I just don’t like that distinct taste that comes with it… eek gross.

4. your parties that you plan and put together are always really creative and fun. have you always been such an awesome party planner? how do you get your planning abilities and creative juices flowing? (so many of us love your parties!!!)
To be honest, I’ve only started dipping my toes in the party department after I started blogging. Blogs provide so much inspiration and fun crafting ideas that it’s hard to not think about using it for a party. I love reading party blogs and wedding blogs, because they provide tons of inspiration and I also browse pictures on pinterest. To get my creative juices flowing, it just so happens that one thing links to another. You’ll have one idea, and then somehow that idea works with another idea, and so on. It can also be a good start to Google ideas/themes and you can use that as a platform, and alter or add on your own ideas to that.

5. also, your baking skills are where it's at! and I can personally say that they always come out delicious. what is your most favorite thing to bake as of recently?
Sadly, I haven’t been baking recently ☹ But I do love making cream cheese frosting for red velvet cupcakes, and I love making the Blondie imitation from Applebee’s. I haven’t nailed it completely to how I wish it could taste, but it’s still good! (I hope.)

6. what, as design sponge once asked, are on the top shelves of your inspiration library right now?
Right now, it would be anything seen on pinterest, this blog, and any mommy blogs with kid activities – since it’s helping me plan for my church’s Vacation Bible School!

7. and just for fun-- if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live and why?
Everywhere! I’d be a nomad and live everywhere for a little while. Buuuuut, if I had to pick only one place… it would probably be New York. I love Los Angeles, and I love the city and although I never visited NY, I imagine it to be a busy, lively city with many things to do, similar to LA! Also, it’d be nice to not worry about transportation and just use one of the many means of transportation they have there! I already have a list of ‘places I want to visit and eat at in New York’ for when I finally do visit there ☺

hoorah for monday with the creative and fun one behind (sweet) symphanie blog.
thanks Steph, this was fun & you are da best!!!
stay close for tuesday with Remy Kay.


Kandice said...

haha i just barely left her a comment about her amazing parties! aren't they fabulous! and you're lucky enough to be invited! haha :P others can only view through photo {which is almost just as good actually}

richelle jean said...

yes i am! she is a great friend. :]