Feb 7, 2012

DEAR SISTER (baby sis version)

Dear sister, you're MARRIED!!!

and it's so weird to know that you won't be home when I get home and that I won't find you downstairs making eggs for yourself whenever I wake up. it all went by so fast, I'm sure even faster for you, but I hope and pray that God would continue to grow you in this brand new chapter of your life. I know I'm young, and who am I to give any kind of marital advice? yeah, I don't know. but, I do know that just as fast as your wedding day went- so will life! make it count. don't live your life with Christian at the center, but continue to live for God every single day and make sure He is always the center of your heart and all you do. always remember your place and always remember to count your blessings, because we deserve none of them yet God is so gracious. I pray that you and Christian will selflessly love each other and continue to fight for God and for each other- especially when the going gets tough, and we both know that it will. don't forget to talk and walk with God every day, because without God- we are nothing. and don't forget to encourage Christian in Christ every day, spur him on to be the best man he could be for the glory of God! and I pray that you will strive to be a proverbs 31 woman, and that you will seek the LORD diligently in all you do. I know I don't know much, but I do know that marriage clearly isn't an easy thing- and I've observed this through the marriage of our own mom and dad. I don't know much, but I do hear about how there is a "honeymoon stage", and how once that is over- real stuff begins. don't forget to pursue God with Christian and to continually come to God in humility during the real stuff, and don't forget to be strong in the LORD and to savor the gospel together. don't forget to be willing to die for each other just as Christ put down His life to save us. anyways, I know I don't know much- but I do know the gospel. and I know the gospel does miracles in all kinds of situations and relationships. so, hold fast to it! don't ever forget the beauty of the gospel and don't ever forget God's overwhelming love and forgiveness. let it all overflow in both you and Christian's hearts, and continue to demonstrate God's love and forgiveness to each other every single day, no matter what.

yeah, you really do have the stinkiest poops and nastiest farts.
but I really meant it when I said that I've loved you from the start.
and, I love you to the end!

your baby sister.

p.s. I know I wrote you a poem, and I read it to you at your wedding.
and I know that I left it inside your purse for you to keep, but! I just wanna borrow it real quick to share up on here,
'cause I kinda really love all of the memories I mentioned in it, and I think everyone else would too. ;)


L. said...

This is by far the cutest thing I've ever read on the internet.
You're sister looks simply gorgeous, as do you.
This whole post is unbelievably lovely and I'm glad I got the opportunity to read it.

Nylse said...

you, my dear, know alot.
Congrats to your sister and may god continue to bless you.

Jean said...

sisters are a wonderful blessing and this is beautifully written.

paddle to shore said...

thanks for leaving a message because now I found YOUR BLOG!! haha

.... this is making me cry, AGAIN!

Bon Bon said...

oh sweet sister love! I always wanted a sister (or two), but in my family it's allllll boys:-) Praise the Lord for sweet friends who are like sisters! You girls are beautiful! What a fun celebration! xoxo

Ashley said...

the three of you are STUNNING! you all are truly blessed and it is refreshing to see you give the lord praise for it all.

jane said...

this is the sweetest letter, rj! and you DO know a lot! everything you wrote about marriage is spot on!! you have so much wisdom!! :)

sisters are truly the best!!!

sgrmse. said...

i have two sisters, too myself and looking at these pics reminds me of how close we were growing up and always looking like (semi) triplets. lol. such a sweetsweet post. and nice little rhyme! :D

Ashley said...

You three sisters are the most beautiful sisters inside and out. love you all!

melinda said...

so sweet

Carla said...

My goodness - you girls are stunning!

May your sister have more happy moments than sad, but strength to endure the sad.

God Bless!