Feb 29, 2012


there are probably three main things that I especially love about the many photos that are about to flood out right below: one- Helen, who is getting married in a little more than a week. two- laughter, which is something that you can't help but do and share around Helen. three- delicious food from Cafe Santorini, a good choice (planned out by Janice! who is Helen's MOH) for ladies like us to feast while letting the good times roll.

the countdown is ticking down, only TEN more days till Helen and Alex tie the knot! and I'm so super excited because I love Helen and Alex and their passion and love for the LORD. I used to go to church with both of them and, to tell ya the truth- I have always looked up to both of them a lot and admired the people that they are, as I feel any youngster like me should. they are both beautiful and inspiring in themselves and together.

oh, and it is indeed true, WE LOVE HELEN. ;)
p.s. doesn't the food look totally BOMB?


Stephanie said...

I love these pictures. Everyone looks beautiful and so happy!

ruth ann said...

i need helen's adorable hat.

Ica said...

Aww YAY!!!!! Last wedding to go guys! Give Helen and Alex all my love baby sis. You all looked soo beautiful, and Helen looks amazing and so happy. You guys gotta take me back to that restaurant k, food looks soo good!

Ps. I see you and that Ruby Loo ... That's totally your perfect color sister! I love love love it!

Jan said...

Ruby's saying naughty things, teeheehee....love you RJ!

Rubyellen said...

haha... me?!! never!!! what is janice talking about?!! haha

helen said...

I LOVE YOU RJ NAVAL-LESS!!! these are beautiful you are beautiful you are all SO beautiful (and naughty)!! i am so blessed by all of God's kindness!!! eeeeee