Apr 10, 2012


for the sake of embarrassing Ruby (don't get me wrong, I love her so much! God bless her heart), for the sake of my love for her, and for the sake of the fact that she decided to take my camera when I wasn't around and take crazy photos of herself to, I don't know, surprise me with once I go through my photos? pretty funny, sister! and well, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites from her photo-spree of herself on my camera... so, enjoy. :)

c'mon, wouldn't you agree to the fact that some of those faces above remind you of her little girls? I laugh so hard whenever True does something that totally reminds me of Ruby... because for some reason, little things that True does remind me of Ruby the most out of all the girls. so funny and so cute.

hey sister, nice surprise! I kinda did laugh out loud as I was going through them on the compuer! oh, and please don't kill me for this. we all love you very much and think that even your ugly faces are kinda beautiful. love ya! ;)


Ashley said...

It's true! These faces are still charmingly beautiful! Gotta love having a sister!

reinnasaurus said...

hahaha rubys so funny!

Ashley said...

This is great! Ruby has the best facial expressions!

....Shio.... said...

LOL! Your sister is awesome! I am totally doing this to mine :)