May 7, 2012


so, there's this one cat.

this cat has practically been the main stray neighborhood cat on my street for a very long time now. however, our neighbors across the street recently claimed him as their own because no one else did... and they named him Roamy! because he always roams around our street.  so, my neighbors have a doggy door and cats always come into their house to eat food that was set up for them (yes, my loving neighbors let random cats come inside to eat! crazy cool, huh?) and all of the cats would eat and then leave right after, but Roamy was the only cat who would eat and then chill out on their couch all afternoon. so then, they decided to claim him and name him- Roamy! very fitting.

but let me tell you! before they even claimed him, I would always see him roaming our neighborhood. he belonged to no one, and yet he was the friendliest little guy ever.  I noticed that he would never fear people, and I would often find him quietly sitting in front of houses, as if he had the job of guarding our street.  no one knew where he came from or what his history was- we just knew that he was always, always on our street. always, always keeping a keen eye out and watching us as we all drove on our ways to work and school. many times, you would even be able to spot him sitting and watching as everyone came back home! I'm telling you, this is not one ordinary cat.

so, maybe I have this theory that Roamy is an angel cat. maybe I have this theory that there might be a chance that God sent this random little guy to our street to watch over us.  maybe I have this theory that every neighborhood has their own little angel. ;) maybe you think I'm stupid, but maybe I don't care. I'd like to stick to my theory, thank you very  much! I often like to talk to Roamy and greet him hello and goodbye whenever I see him, and what does he do? he quietly sits and looks me in the eye as I go my way, and I promise it always seems like he's listening to every single word I say! and if you're lucky, he'll even walk toward you and graze your leg with his soft fur. so, maybe I have this theory that he listens to everything I say to him. and maybe, just maybe, I think that angel cats are pretty awesome.

yep, I do believe in angels! and yep, I do believe in angel cats. ;) oh, and ever since I told my mama this theory, she's been ever so nicer to Roamy whenever she sees him. it's kinda funny, and I love it.


Linda Park said...

that is one fat cat.

richelle jean said...

God supplies angel cats with the GOODS! ;)

Anna said...

I love this :) My husband and I had a kitty like this.. that would only eat and sleep inside.. and then just roam around on our street. I wonder if others saw him as their "angel cat"? And I'm not even a big cat person, I get what you mean about some just being "different" though. Happy days to you and your angel cat. :)

Rubyellen said...

we have a cat that roams in our backyard, but we don't like him much. he poops in our garden beds and makes them stink. we would like him to leave us alone. i think ours is a fallen angel and doesn't belong in our yard. if he didn't poop all over our yard, especially on our veggies, maybe we would like him. but we don't.

Rubyellen said...
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