Aug 27, 2012



photos? they'll come.
but right now, all you need to know is...

• I went cliff jumping, and it was the biggest thrill ever.
• in SF, my favorite people and I found the most beautiful, surreal, heavenly hiking trail ever.
so glad it's a hidden gem.
I would like to relive the moments we shared together there over and over again.
• I'm in love with Monterey, California.
• I was somewhere in this crowd on Saturday night! epic. :-)
• I wouldn't mind reliving their entire set over and over again... in my backyard.
• Gogol Bordello and their fans? not for me.
• there are lessons to be learned in both good and bad experiences.
and I believe that God gives us the choice to either take them and let them make us, or break us.
• I'm finding that it's often much more fun and more worth it to live in the moments,
which probably contributes to why I have become horrible at blogging consistently these days.
I'm starting to see that certain beautiful moments that take place in life are more special, more flavorful, and maintain a certain sacredness when kept to yourself and to the people you experienced it with.
it's true.
sometimes you really just gotta drop the camera,
drop the urge to blog about every story,
and just live.

this past week has been one of the most unforgettable weeks in my life.
it's going down in the books.
and it is going to stay with me and in my heart forever.



mekatsu mekatsu said...

I went to that concert too! So close to the front so the little mosh pit that formed during Gogol was cr-a-azy.
Did you see that guy that kinda had horns in his hair? I saw him walking downtown the next day;)
Wasn't Mumford and Sons wonderful? Fair Food and music was the perfect day.

richelle jean said...

Mekatsu- oh my! I was in the front too! I had the worst experience during Gogol because I'm so little and was being pushed and shoved and almost trampled on left and right! but Mumford & Sons made it all worth it for me. Maybe we were near each other! how cool!

jen said...

Ah, I was there too! I LOVED M&S, except my bf and I opted to hang out in the back since the crowd was so huge and I'm short. They were amazing!!!!

richelle jean said...

jen- right!? THEY WERE AMAZING. I was sooooo unbelievable happy and dancing and singing my head off. epic for sure!!

mekatsu mekatsu said...

I'm so short too! 4'11! If you saw two men who were extra tall one of them was my husband and I was somewhere scrunched in front of them!

Rima said...

oh my, cliff jumping is in my list for this summer. MUST DO before summer ends.

richelle jean said...

Rima- yes! it's a must. I don't regret it one bit